Buffalo Community Theater Committee Involvement

We need volunteers to help with one or more of our standing committees. The committees are essential for keeping the operation running smoothly both during and between productions. The required time commitment varies throughout the season, but a committee member should anticipate a contribution of approximately 5-10 hours per month.

The committee options are:

Play Selection

This committee is responsible for reading plays for possible production. It makes recommendations to the Board of Directors for the upcoming season.

Publicity / Community Relations

This committee is responsible for the promotion of local BCT productions. The committee will develop press releases, maintain mailing lists and email contact lists. It provides content for the website and develops a season brochure. During a production, the committee will work with the Production Manager and Director to develop a publicity campaign and distribute publicity materials to the community including audition postcards, posters, and other announcements.


This committee is responsible for helping to support the work of the Director and Production Manager for each production including facility preparations. It helps develop volunteers to assist with technical areas of the production, maintains a list of volunteers and evaluates volunteer interaction.


This committee is responsible for selling tickets to each production, selecting and scheduling ushers, and planning for conjunctive events (ie. cast/crew/pit receptions, patron and sponsor receptions, intermission refreshments, etc.)

Fundraising / Grant Writing

Manages the annual Member Support campaign. Works to identify and develop other areas for fundraising (ie. garage sale, car wash, silent auction, production refreshments, etc.). Coordinates with the Treasurer to write grants for available funding.


This committee is responsible for hiring the production staff required for each show. It advertises for positions, interviews applicants, selects staff, and maintains contracts. Provides each staff member with a job description and list of expectations.

Board Development

The committee Chair manages length of service and term expiration dates for board members in order to forecast the need of additional Board of Director applicants. The committee identifies skills or backgrounds the board needs and solicits potential candidates who satisfy those needs. The committee reviews applicants and conducts interviews. They make recommendations to the board of candidates who satisfactorily meet the requirements. The Board of Directors must vote in order to approve the addition of a new board member. The committee Chair extends an invitation to those who are selected and approved.

If you’re interested in joining one or more of our committees, please send an email to bctboard@buffalocommunitytheater.org.  When contacting us, please include your name, address, phone number and email address along with your area of interest. Your information will be forwarded to the respective committee chairperson who will contact you with more details regarding their next meeting.

Thank you for your ongoing support of Buffalo Community Theater. We welcome you and look forward to working together.