Buffalo Community Theater Mission Statement

Buffalo Community Theater is dedicated to:  providing quality theatrical experiences for residents of all ages in Buffalo and the surrounding communities, while providing imaginative and entertaining audience experiences.

This mission will be accomplished by:

*Providing opportunities for involvement and growth in acting, vocal and instrumental performance, and the technical theater disciplines, to all interested and capable amateurs.

*Recruiting, training, and supporting a community of volunteers.

*Choosing a variety of quality musicals, comedies, and dramas.

*Encouraging and nurturing interested community youth to explore the theatrical experience.

*Having a Board of Directors, each of whom is committed to the achievement of this mission.


Buffalo Community Theater Value Statements

We believe in…
*…advocating for the inclusion of the performing arts in a well-rounded life.
*…promoting an environment that is open, nurturing, inviting and inclusive of participation from the whole community.
*…encouraging a professional attitude amongst the Board, volunteers, staff, and participants who constitute the “community” that is Buffalo Community Theater.
*…creating challenging, engaging and rewarding opportunities for artists, technicians, and aspiring professionals.
*…fostering the personal artistic growth of all participants.
*…committing to the continued existence of live theater in our community